Sourcing locally has never been simply a slogan for Sprout, it’s fundamental to how we think about food.

For us, it makes so much more sense to eat something grown just down the road.

For a start, it’s fresher. And fresher means better tasting.

So we’ve decided to grow for ourselves on our own Sprout Farm just 30km away in

Rathcoffey, co. Kildare.

It’s a natural progression of our ‘food positive’ ethos reflecting our commitment to finding the best ingredients, improving the supply chain and revolutionising fast food.

Growing ourselves also means our restaurants get more interesting ingredients.


Our leaves only need to travel about 30km and our chefs can plan ahead for our delicious new seasonal menus, working with the farm to grow just what we’ll need.

This is a new beginning on our journey – and quite a challenge. But we’re learning as we go.

We’ve been obsessive about local produce since we started, so it’s with great excitement that we can now call ourselves local growers too.